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Mahamevnawa Edmonton


Mahamevnawa is an organization of Buddhist monasteries established in the year 1999 in Sri Lanka, for the purpose of spiritual development through Gautama Supreme Buddha’s dispensation. At the time when the true doctrine of the Supreme Buddha was hardly known or practiced, Mahamevnawa endeavoured to teach the Noble Dhamma from the 18,000 original discourses – all of which have been protected for over 2,500 years within the Pali cannon.


Edmonton branch of Mahamevnawa is the second Canadian branch of Mahamevnawa Monasteries. Located in the heart of Alberta, this branch was formed in May, 2015. Devotees in Edmonton now have the rare opportunity to listen to the teachings of Supreme Buddha and collect valuable merit.



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Voice of Enlightened Monks: Theragata

From this book you will learn about the lives and enlightenment of monks who followed the Buddha’s path to the final end. This is a complete translation of the Theragatha. Available on-line at as a paperback or 5110vFUpAWLkindle Edition.  Also available as a Kindle book for electronic download.

Loku Swaminwahanse’s New Dhamma Books

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Loku Swaminwahanse’s Dhamma Sermons in Canada

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